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    Tsumeb Museum


    The Tsumeb Museum is run by the Namibian Scientific Society. It has great displays of various minerals that came out of the Tsumeb mine and other exhibits showcasing the town's rich history. The main attraction at the museum is the Khorab room which exhibits cannons and other artifacts recovered from Lake Otjikoto. The lake was turned into somewhat an underwater museum in 1915.

    Approximately 30 cannons and 4500 boxes of ammunition were thrown into the lake which is 24km west of town. The lake is still a very popular site in itself due to the artifacts that it still contains.

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    Owela Museum

    Description: It provides an excellent overview of various Namibian cultures, some of which may well disappear in the coming decades.
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    Transnamib Railway Museum

    Description: The TransNamib museum is located in historical Windhoek Railway station building. The museum was officially opened on 1 July 1993. The exhibition consists of wide range of railway equipment, maps and related items date back to German colonial times and South African administration. Outside of the museum you can see old locomotives including the first diesel locomotive in the country.
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    Geological Survey Museum

    Description: Open on weekdays 8:00– 13:00 and 14:00 –17:00, No entrance fee is charged. Some other paleontological highlights are; * 750-650 year old Stromatolites, * Pteridinium specimens from the Nama Group, * the earliest known shell-bearing organism, Cloudina, * a basal Archosaur (Family Erythrosuchidae) from the Omingonde Formation. This animal lived about 230 million years ago and the group it represents eventually gave rise to the dinosaurs, crocodiles and birds, * various mammal like reptilian Karoo fossils, also from the Omingonde Formation, that are morphologically transitional forms between reptiles and mammals, * more recent fossils include the Arrisdrift collection from southern Namibia with an age of 17-19,5 million years. Found on the northern bank of the Orange River, fossils collected from this site include a big type of dassie, crocodiles, small rodents, rhinoceros, ancient species of elephant, giraffe ancestors and fish, * from the Namib Desert, fossilised eggshells of extinct ostrich and plenty of fossilised animal burrows, * and the lower jaw of Otavipithicus namibiensis, the first fossil ape ever found in the Southern Hemisphere with an age of about 13 million years.
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    National Marine AQUARIUM.


    The goals of the National Marine Aquarium are to spread information about Namibian marine life and to enhance knowledge about the sensitivity and complexity of the Benguela system.

    Species that can be seen at the aquarium include Galjoen, West Coast Steenbras, Baardman, Ragged-tooth Shark, Shyshark, Kipfish, African Penguin, Cape cormorant, Blacktail, Redfingers, Horse Mackarel, Octopus, Green Turtle, Pipefish, Hermit Crab, Kelp Gull, White Pelican, Anemone, Horseshoe Sea Cucumber, Spotted Grunter, Mullet, Spotted Gully Shark, Blue-spotted Ray, Sand Shrimp, Crumb-of-bread Sponge, Silver Kob, Barbel, Houndshark, Eagle, Ray, Hawksbill Turtle, Three-spot swimming Crab, Red Crab and Cape fur Seal.

    The more commercial species include Chub Mackerel, Horse Mackerel, Deepwater Hake, Orange roughy, Alfonsino, West Coast Sole, Kingklip, Cape Hake, Mako Shark, Red Crab, Cape rock Lobster, Anchovy, Pilchard, Mullet, Silver, Kob, Monkfish, Swordfish, Snoek, Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Shark and Cape fur seal.

    Seawater is drawn in from the old jetty and pumped through various filter systems into the exhibition tanks.

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