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    Languages in Namibia

    Description: Considering the relatively small size of her population (1.8 million in 2001), Namibia's people speak a surprising variety of languages - about 30. It is the vision of the Namibian Biodiversity Database to eventually serve biodiversity data in as many of these languages as possible. The process of making at least basic taxon pages available in more languages than just English is progressing behind the scenes, even if most of it is not yet publicly visible. Monthly progress with the addition of common names can be seen here. The system allows for display of text in other user-selected languages in cases where translations are available. Where not, English will still be used as fallback language. The common name of any particular taxon, if available, will be displayed at the top of the taxon page in the selected page language. Since most Namibians are multilingual and will have an interest in common names in other Namibian languages as well, a summary of common names in the other nine of the ten major Namibian language groups will be displayed, if and as available. The name displayed here will be the one for the most widely spoken language in the particular language group. Names in other languages in the group, in fact, full details for all names in all languages, including sources, may be accessed through the 'More details' button.
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